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School + kindergarten groups

Katzenkopf mountain and Karla's Snowland are perfect for school and kindergarten groups!
We can organise your accommodation, meals, extra activities as well as all day skiing courses followed by best ski race on Friday!
Karla's Snowland is a great set up for the Kindergarten groups - tunnels, ski tracks, jumps and brand new magic carpets for complete beginners and keen learners.

* Please read through our cancellation conditions.

  • Please contact us to get an offer and price quote for your School or Kindergarten.

  • For us to reply quicker, please specify the dates of your visit as well as planned numbers of skiers+snowboarders.

  • We also offer lunch breaks at the mountain hut Katzenkopf.

Hello, educators and young adventurers! Are you looking for the perfect winter getaway for your school or kindergarten group? Look no further than Katzenkopf Mountain and Karla’s Snowland. Let's delve into why this is the dream destination for young skiers and snow lovers.


Katzenkopf Mountain: A ski paradise for school groups

Katzenkopf Mountain is an ideal spot for school groups. Here’s the deal: we take the hassle out of planning. We can organize everything - from comfy accommodation and tasty meals to exciting extra activities. And the highlight? Our all-day skiing courses! They’re not just about learning to ski; they’re about having fun, building confidence, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Friday ski races: The week’s Grand Finale

Picture this: after a week of skiing lessons, the kids get to participate in the most thrilling ski race on Friday. It's a fantastic way to showcase their new skills, encourage a little friendly competition, and end the week on a high note. The excitement in the air is palpable, and the smiles on their faces? Priceless.

Karla’s Snowland: A winter wonderland for kindergarteners

Now, let’s talk about Karla’s Snowland. This place is a wonderland for kindergarten groups. Imagine tunnels, ski tracks, jumps, and brand new magic carpets - all designed for little beginners and eager learners. It’s a safe and fun-filled environment where the youngest skiers can explore and learn at their own pace.

Safe, fun, and educational

Safety is our top priority, especially with the little ones. The instructors are not just skilled skiers; they’re also great with kids, ensuring a safe, supportive, and enjoyable learning experience. It’s not just about skiing; it’s about nurturing a love for winter sports and the outdoors.

Why choose Katzenkopf and Karla’s for your group?

Choosing Katzenkopf Mountain and Karla's Snowland for your school or kindergarten group means choosing an adventure that’s fun, educational, and memorable. It’s an opportunity for kids to learn new skills, make new friends, and experience the joy of winter sports in a supportive and exciting environment.

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