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snowboard course

All attention on you. We teach at individual pace and make sure 
you not only understand the technique but also know how to apply it.
An excellent opportunity for beginners to become shredders!

Please note: 

there will be no snowboard courses on Katzenkopf from the 26th February to the 1st of March organised.


* Please read through our cancellation conditions.

  • This course is for snowboard beginners only.

  • For adults.

  • Min. 3 people in a group, max. 8 people.

  • Meeting point: in front of the ski school office 15min. before the lesson.

  • Price does not include the rent of your equipment. 

  • Please rent here: Ski- und Snowboardverleih - Katzenkopf Leutasch 

  • Price also does not include a price for the lift ticket. Information on lift ticket prices can be found here: Katzenkopf Leutasch 


Ever caught yourself watching snowboarders carving up the slopes and thought, “I want to do that”? Well, you’re in luck. Adult snowboard courses are here to transform you from a beginner to a confident shredder. Let’s talk about why these courses are not just about learning, but about experiencing the thrill of snowboarding tailored just for you.

Personalized attention: It’s all about your journey

Imagine being on the mountain with a coach whose only focus is you. In these courses, you get one-on-one attention, which means every lesson is about what works best for you. Whether you learn by seeing, doing, or a mix of both, your instructor will adapt their teaching style to fit you perfectly. This personalized approach makes learning not only effective but also a lot more fun.

Pacing that matches your comfort level

One of the coolest things about adult snowboard courses is how they match your pace. Feeling adventurous and want to push your limits? Great! Prefer to take it slow and steady? That’s totally fine too. The goal is to make you comfortable and confident on your board, no matter how fast or slow you want to go.

Technique and application: A comprehensive approach

Here's where it gets exciting. These courses don’t just throw techniques at you; they show you how to apply them on real slopes. You’ll understand the 'why' and 'how' behind every turn and trick, turning theory into practice. By the end of the course, you won’t just know the moves; you'll be doing them with flair.

Safety and comfort: Top of the list

Now, let’s talk safety. In these courses, you'll learn how to snowboard safely - it’s a big deal. Your instructor will cover everything from basic safety rules to how to fall correctly (yes, there’s a way to fall better!). And comfort? You bet. You’ll get tips on the right gear and how to stay warm and dry, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

Why choose an adult snowboard course

So, why should you sign up for an adult snowboard course? Because it’s a fantastic way to learn snowboarding in an environment that’s all about you. It's perfect for beginners eager to become skilled shredders. You’ll gain not just the techniques, but the confidence and passion to enjoy every moment on your board. 

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