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private ski lessons for adults

Our attention is all yours. We teach at an individual pace and in a way which caters to your learning style, giving you the tools you need to not only understand the technique but also how to apply it.

Please note: 

there will be no ski lessons on Katzenkopf from the 26th February to the 1st of March organised.

You are welcome to book the lessons on Schlick2000 in Stubai Valley.


Please contact us for more information on the private lessons outside Katzenkopf, Leutasch.

* Please read through our cancellation conditions.

  • Meeting point: in front of the ski school office 10min. before the lesson.

  • The lessons are held whatever the weather as long as the lifts are working.

  • Price does not include the rent of your equipment. 

  • Please rent here: Ski- und Snowboardverleih - Katzenkopf Leutasch 

  • Price also does not include the lift ticket. 

  • More information on the lift tickets here: Katzenkopf Leutasch


Thinking about taking up skiing, or maybe you're looking to brush up your skills? Private ski lessons for adults are like having a personal ski coach, one who’s all about helping you shine on the slopes. Let's dive into why these lessons could be your ticket to not just learning the techniques, but mastering them in a way that’s tailored just for you.

Focused attention: Your skiing, your way

Picture this: the mountain, the crisp air, and an instructor whose sole mission is to guide you through the art of skiing. In private lessons, it’s all about you. This means the teaching approach is shaped to fit how you learn best. Are you a step-by-step learner, or do you prefer to jump right in? Your lessons cater to your style, ensuring that you're not just going through the motions, but truly grasping the techniques.

Learning at your pace, on your terms

One of the biggest perks of private skiing lessons is the freedom to learn at your own speed. There’s no keeping up with a group or feeling left behind. You set the pace. This individual approach means you can spend time perfecting a particular skill or move on quickly if you’ve got it down. It’s about progress on your terms, making every lesson a personalized skiing adventure.

From technique to application: A holistic approach

Private lessons aren’t just about technique; they’re about application. It's one thing to know the theory, but another to put it into practice on the slopes. Your instructor will guide you on how to apply what you’ve learned in real skiing scenarios. This means by the end of your lessons, you won't just know the techniques; you'll be skiing with confidence and style.

Safety and comfort: Always a priority

Safety is a top priority in any ski lesson, and in a private setting, it's no different. You’ll learn how to ski safely, including understanding mountain safety, knowing your limits, and learning how to avoid common pitfalls. And let’s not forget comfort - your instructor will ensure you’re well-equipped and confident, making your learning experience both safe and enjoyable.

Why private skiing lessons for adults are a great choice

Private ski lessons offer adults a unique opportunity to learn skiing in a way that's fully tailored to their needs and learning style. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, these lessons provide a space where you can grow, learn, and have fun, all at your own pace. It’s about gaining the tools and confidence to not just ski, but to excel and enjoy every moment on the mountain.

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