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kids private lessons

Your child with have our full attention. We teach at an individual pace and in a way which caters to child's learning style, giving them the tools they need to not only understand how it works, but also to have fun whilst skiing!


* Please read through our cancellation conditions.

  • Meeting point: in front of the ski school office 10min. before the lesson.

  • The lessons are held whatever the weather as long as the lifts are working.

  • Price does not include the rent of your equipment. 

  • Please rent here: Ski- und Snowboardverleih - Katzenkopf Leutasch 

  • Price also does not include the lift ticket. 

  • More information on the lift tickets here: Katzenkopf Leutasch


Are you pondering how to introduce your child to the joys of skiing in a way that’s both fun and effective? Well, let me tell you about private ski lessons for kids. It's like having a magic key that unlocks their potential in the most enjoyable way possible. Let's explore why private lessons might just be the perfect fit for your little snow adventurer.

Personalized attention: A game changer

Imagine this: your child, the snow, and a dedicated instructor whose sole focus is helping them learn and grow. In private lessons, your child gets undivided attention. This means the instructor can tailor the lessons to match your child’s learning style and pace. Is your kid a visual learner? Great, they'll get demonstrations. Do they learn by doing? They’ll be skiing in no time with hands-on guidance.

Learning at their own pace

One of the beauties of private lessons is the flexibility to learn at a pace that suits your child. There’s no pressure to keep up with a group. If they master a skill quickly, great! If they need a bit more time, that’s okay too. This individualized approach ensures they build confidence at their own speed, making each lesson a step forward in their skiing journey.

Fun and engaging: The heart of learning

Let’s not forget the fun factor! Private lessons aren't just about technical skills; they're about making learning enjoyable. Instructors often use games and creative teaching methods. This means your child isn’t just learning to ski - they’re having a blast doing it. And when kids have fun, they’re more engaged, more motivated, and more likely to fall in love with skiing.

Safety and comfort: Top priorities

Safety is paramount in private lessons. Instructors are trained to teach kids how to ski safely, including how to fall properly and how to be aware of their surroundings. Plus, being in a one-on-one setting means constant supervision and care, ensuring a safe environment for your child to learn and enjoy.

Building skills for life

Here’s something you might not have thought of: private ski lessons are about more than just skiing. They're about building life skills. Your child learns independence, decision-making, and even resilience. After all, skiing is about getting back up after a fall and trying again, right?

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